Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feel the Love and Enjoy a Free Breakfast This Thursday!

In a world where people now understand the importance of eating healthy, Love Grown Foods has penetrated the food industry with their organic, gluten free, an preservative free granola.  You can find this unique brand of granola in many local supermarkets, including: King Soopers, Vitamin Cottage, and Village Market.  However, there you will notice something special about the prices for this super-food, it’s the cheapest granola in the store!

Love Grown Foods, owned by two DU Graduates and staffed by friends and classmates, pledges to provide quality food to health-conscious consumers at a lower price than their competitors.  The company—which has yet to employ anybody over the age of 25—sprouted from the owners’ entrepreneurial spirit to supplement their love for the outdoors, active lifestyles, and passion for good food with healthy granola.  Since Love Grown Foods’ founding, the granola has been introduced to over 1,300 stores nationwide.
If you hadn’t noticed already, the trajectory of this business is slightly unconventional. Alex and Maddy, the founders, started this company immediately after graduation. While most college grads seek professional jobs upon graduation, these two decided to revolutionize the food industry instead. After countless hours in the kitchen perfecting the recipe and many late nights in the library reworking their business plan, Alex and Maddy were able to create their own company. Creativity and hard work enabled the couple to provide their own means of post-college employment.

Although Love Grown Foods has found great success as a young company in Colorado, they are looking to expand their honorable mission even further. But to do this, Alex and Maddy are looking for CU students (like you!) to help.

They are currently recruiting for these great internship positions, so apply today through Career Services Online!

• Public Relations Specialist- Job ID#: 25439

• Video Production Expert - Job ID#: 25440

• Social Media Intern/Expert/Rock Star - Job ID#: 25233

Love Grown Foods invites you to enjoy a free breakfast, and meet the owners this Thursday, February 17 from 9-11am in the Career Services Den, located in the Center for Community on the 3rd floor, N352. Please attend this casual meet and greet to learn more about Love Grown Foods and how they hope to revolutionize the way, and with what, we nourish our bodies.