Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simplify your job/internship search: CSO

In between getting settled into a new place, starting classes, attending student group meetings, and tackling homework, many students struggle as they look for jobs and internships during the first few weeks of fall semester.  But finding an job or internship doesn't have to be so challenging with the help of Career Services' free online job/internship search tool, Career Services Online.

"Over 9500 organizations have posted jobs specifically for CU Boulder students and alumni in CSO since 2005," said Cherie Wilcox, Assistant Director for CSO. "Companies range from very recognizable household names--like CBS News, Proctor & Gamble, Warner Music Group, Walt Disney, NCAR, Lockheed Martin, Teach for America--to smaller local organizations from every industry."

Job Search criteria
As of Friday, August 26, 973 jobs were posted on CSO, and of those jobs, 360 were part time or seasonal positions, or internships.  Every year, companies ask CU's Career Services to post internships as well as part time, seasonal and full time positions on CSO, but what good is a potential job or internship opportunity if you don't apply for it?  Sometimes, job or internship opportunities go unnoticed by students and no one ends up applying for them, and it's not uncommon for Career Services to receive calls about once a week from an employer who listed a position on CSO and didn't receive any applications, Wilcox said.  When this happens, Career Services will send the employer a packet of students' resumes that were uploaded on CSO that fit the criteria in the job description, and/or email the opportunity out to students who list a major and/or job preference on CSO that matches the job description.  To maximize the amount of potential jobs and internships available to you, it's important to fill out your CSO profile completely, upload your resume, and actively apply for the posted positions.

CSO is also a great tool for seniors to use as they begin their post-graduation career search in the next few weeks.  Positions posted on CSO can be with companies in Boulder, all over Colorado, out-of-state, and even outside of the U.S.!

So what are you waiting for?  If you're still looking for a job or internship, create a username and password for CSO, log in to CSO on the left side of the Career Services homepage, and start your job/internship search.  New and exciting opportunities such as the ones listed below await you — check them out!

Job ID 29273: Event Assistant for the Emergency Family Assistance Association
Job ID 29169: Marketing Assistant at the University of Colorado's Wardenburg Health Center
Job ID: 28997: Fall Intern at Skiing Magazine
Job ID 28258: Fall 2011 Internship with Warner Music Group
Job ID 27768: Tax & Accounting Assistant with Cline & Associates
Job ID 29193: Technology Development Intern with Simple Energy
Job ID 28339: University Intern - Global Scientific Business with Kimberly-Clark Corporation

If you're having trouble figuring out where to start once you have your CSO profile set up, check out our step-by-step guide to CSO.