Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our New Year’s Resolution: To Help YOU Have a Great Semester

By Kelsey McWilliams, Marketing Intern at CU-Boulder Career Services

Welcome back to school! Now that you’re all rested from winter break and ready to begin a new semester, it’s time to get focused and ensure that 2013 is your best year yet. We at Career Services are here to help you reach that goal, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to guide you through the New Year.

Be good to yourself
The most important resolution you should make this year is to take care of yourself. With the stress of college and the real world approaching faster than you would like it to, we students often forget to cater to our most basic needs. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night in order to function adequately during the day. This may seem like an unrealistic goal between all of your studying and socializing, but try to work towards it this semester.

Make the most of our campus
CU-Boulder has so much to offer you as a student. Make a resolution to get the most out of our campus resources this year. What’s the most important resource CU offers? Your classes. Vow to attend all of your classes this year, and you will surely see a difference in your grades at the end of the semester. Going to class will also allow you to get to know your professors, who can give you recommendations and connections that may lead to your dream job or internship. When you’re not in class or visiting your teacher’s office hours, come by Career Services! Whether you’re deciding on a major, trying to find an internship or debating grad school, our career counselors are here to help you succeed.

Look forward
As much fun as we’re all having in college, the real world is not very far away. Prepare for your future by setting academic goals this year. For each of your classes, pick a realistic grade that you can work toward all semester. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to push yourself to succeed when you have a concrete goal in sight. We know it’s only January, but now is the time to start looking for summer internships and full-time jobs for seniors. Check back on Thursday to read our next post about why you should already be sending in applications.