Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Happens During Spring Break…Could Be Something You Regret Forever

By Kelsey McWilliams, junior journalism major at CU-Boulder

Spring break means that it is time for some much needed relaxation and recuperation from the stress of college. Sure, you’re stressed and ready for a break, but before you throw all caution to the wind, think about how one poor decision could haunt you forever.

As you enjoy the beaches in Cabo San Lucas or the clubs in Vegas, remember that your behavior should reflect how you want future employers to see you. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and let loose. Just be mindful of what you’re doing and with whom, because in our digital world, there’s always someone with a camera or smartphone waiting to put your most embarrassing moment on the Internet for everyone to see.

Facebook photos of you partaking in inappropriate behavior are not excused just because you’re in a different country or area code. They say that once a photo hits the web, it’s impossible to completely delete it. The Facebook albums that will pop up after break are inevitable. Remember there are ways to find your photos even if you delete them. Don’t put up something inappropriate or embarrassing that you’ll regret later.

In addition, it is very important to be safe while you’re in other countries or places that you are not familiar with. This means that you should stay with a group or at least one friend at all times. If some of the tragic but true spring break horror stories haven’t convinced you that you need to be safe in other countries, think about Natalee Holloway. Not everyone is who they seem so keep your guard up. Don’t go off with people you don’t know and end up in a scary situation. The popular phrase, “some rules were made to be broken” should not even cross your mind if you are in another country.  A seemingly harmless prank could land you in jail and that’s nothing to brag about.

Lastly, if you’re staying in town for spring break there are lots of great ways to be productive during this week off. While you’re relaxing at home you can:
  • Update your resume and cover letter.
  • Look for and apply to jobs and internships on Career Buffs.
  • Create, update and complete your LinkedIn profile. A complete profile will show up in more searches.
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in your field of interest.
  • Get ahead in school – finals are just around the corner, so it’s not too early to start studying!

As you embark on your spring break smart, stay safe and remember: what happens during spring break does NOT stay private. Make wise decisions that you won’t regret once your job hunt is in full swing.