Thursday, April 18, 2013

You wore WHAT to an interview?!

-Written by Lauren Lind, junior Communications and Advertising double major at CU-Boulder

Sheila came home crying yesterday because she didn’t receive a second interview with her dream company. She is very intelligent and qualified for the job, however, after taking one glace at her outfit, I knew exactly why she didn’t get a second interview. That tight red dress showed off all her lady lumps and her five-inch black shiny heels might have distracted her interviewer. The moral of this story, don’t be a Sheila!

Ladies and gents, when it comes to dressing for an interview, low cut tops, tight dresses, leggings, stilettos, blazers with tennis shoes, and holey jeans will NOT land you your dream job.  In order to dress for success there are some simple rules to follow. Let me help you clothes the deal.

Ladies, keeping it classic and simple in a suit and skirt outfit will give you a true professional look. Two-piece suits for women should be fitted but not tight. Grey, dark grey, navy, or black are great color choices. Be sure to hem your pants so that they do not drag on the floor. A good rule to go by when it comes to skirts is to match the color to your blazer and make sure that when you sit down, your thighs are completely covered.

Should you wear low-cut tops to an interview? Absolutely not. Showing cleavage is just not appropriate in a business setting, so your best option is to wear a tailored blouse or a good quality knit sweater.  Ask a friend if your shirt is see-through; you don’t want to give the wrong impression.  Don’t make the mistake of wearing leggings to an interview. While they are comfortable, they are way too casual. Shoes are a major part of our wardrobe, but remember to keep it classy and stick with medium height leather pump that matches your suit. Not being able to walk in your stiletto heels will NOT land you the job, so wear flats if need be. Don’t wear jewelry or a bag that is too flashy.  Every detail counts so wear neutral nail polish, minimal perfume and natural looking makeup.

Guys, the ties with Batman printed all over them or any character tie is a definite no when it comes to getting the job.  Also, “formal” shorts that you could go golfing in and trendy shirts are simply too casual. Lastly, the “Dumb and Dumber” powder blue suit should be left to Harry and Lloyd. 

As far as menswear goes, you can never go wrong with a two-piece suit and a matching pair of shoes. Choose a two-piece matching suit and stick with conservative colors, such as navy or dark grey. Wool and wool blends work well too, just make sure to have the suit tailored to you.  Wear long-sleeve shirts in white, light blue, or a conservative pattern-notice the conservative theme.  It is best to go with ties that are made of high quality silk with a pop of color. Check out what other men in your industry are wearing. Match your belt to your shoes and stick with a classic wristwatch. Don’t bare your ankles.  Be sure to wear dark colored socks that are mid-calf length. Invest in a good pair of dark, leather, dress shoes. They can have laces or be slip on business shoes. PLEASE save the tennis shoes for the gym.  Looking like Chewbacca is also a no, so either go with the clean-shaven look or groom your facial hair appropriately and be sure to have clean, trimmed nails.

Use these tips to help the interviewer see you as the professional applicant you are and land your dream job!

Contributors: The Career Insider and Ramussen College.