Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why You Should Attend This Year's Fall Career and Internship Fair

Written by Lauren Lind

Here is a conversation I overheard the other day between two CU students that I know.

 Jess: “Hey are you going to the Career/Internship Fair?…it is coming up fast Oct 1st and 2nd”

Zach: “Na, there are hardly any companies for me…they have over 150 that are supposed to be coming, and it seems like all they want is engineering students. I’m a Comm major. Who wants to hire someone studying rhetoric? Anyway I have classes.”

It is common for students to feel that their majors don’t relate to any of the companies hiring; however, many non-engineering students receive internships and jobs by attending our fair. Last year Jess lined up a sales internship using her Spanish. Just drop in for an hour between your classes each day, look at the CS Website to see what companies are going to be there. Plan on talking to three companies a day. You might be surprised…sure there are a lot of students at the fair, but if you use your time right, do a little planning, and actually look at what they company does, you may be surprised that the number one thing most employers are looking for in a candidate is good communication skills. Companies aren’t going to give you a chance, if you don’t show them you are interested.

Even if most of the companies there are not initially appealing to you, you may find that there are some great jobs if you keep your mind open. You never know until you try. I have found from my past work experience that getting a start somewhere can lead to amazing opportunities.

Come join us Tuesday, October 1 & Wednesday, October 2, 2013 from 9:00am- 3:00pm in the UMC Ballroom and UMC 235! Bring resumes and business cards (if you have them) but know that many employers today ask that their applicants apply online. Make sure to dress appropriately in business or business casual because first impressions make a big impact on potential new employers.

CU-Boulder students and alumni from all majors, experience levels and backgrounds are welcome to attend this FREE event. No pre-registration is necessary.

List of 2013 employers currently registered:
  Fall 2013 Day 1
  Fall 2013 Day 2

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