Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CU Just In Time Hiring and Internship Fair

If you have not found a full-time job or summer internship, this is your opportunity to connect with employers that are still hiring. All employers will have opportunities for internships and/or full-time positions. Remember, the fair is open only to CU-Boulder students and alumni - IDs will be checked at the door.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 13th 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.



Here are a few tips to get you ready for the fair…

1. Dress for Success! The atmosphere of the fair will be like any other job fair – professional! Treat this like an interview and dress in business professional attire. This is your opportunity to make a good first impression so make one that lasts. Remember, it is always better to OVER dress rather than UNDER dress!
2. Research the companies in attendance. Career Services has provided a list of companies coming to the fair each day. There are completely different companies attending each day! Please review these lists and choose several you are interested in talking to. Then once you get to the fair you won’t waste too much time figuring out the relevant companies you would like to visit with. Remember, if the company doesn’t list your major specifically, it’s ALWAYS worth talking to the recruiter to inquire about positions that may fit your skills and/or personality. This is a chance to sell yourself. Read through the list of companies attending both days of the fair here.

3.Bring your resume and cover letter. Make sure you bring your necessary professional documents to the fair with you: resume, cover letter, business cards, and a winning attitude. This is your opportunity to find companies you would like to intern or work for and give them your information to look at. Submitting your resume/cover letter at the fair gives you an automatic advantage since the professionals are already meeting you before reviewing your application. With a good impression and resume you have a great chance of finding an incredible opportunity. Even if you are slightly interesting in a company or position, give them your resume! It never hurts and the benefits could be really rewarding! If they tell you that they can’t or aren’t accepting resumes and to apply online, always do so right away. They’re not trying to brush you off, so definitely don’t get discouraged. For some companies, the only way they can accept resumes is online; this is due to EOE employment law. Don’t give up, just go online as soon as you can and apply.

4. Prepare your introduction questions and “Elevator Pitches”! Sometimes it can be intimidating to approach employers at a fair, but the best way to feel comfortable is to practice an opening pitch line. Elevator pitches can be both personal and professional depending on the situation. In this case – using a professional pitch may be your best option. A professional elevator pitch includes your career aspirations, college major, and educational activities, projects and experiences.

5. Bring a notepad! Whenever you are networking, interviewing, or attending a career fair it is important to note that you will be bombarded with useful information that may be hard to remember. Taking notes is the best way to stay organized with this information and remember everything that is said!

For more tips visit the CU Career Services Website as well as your CSO Account. You can also find more information about preparing for the fair and companies attending within the following PDF Document.
Good Luck!