Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day in the Life of Events and PR Manager for 303Vodka, Randi Curtis


A snow-covered and sunny Boulder day is an alluring invitation to warm the soul with some vodka. Shy away your winter chills with the kind of spirit that's made locally in Boulder, 303Vodka! I visited Randi Curtis at the local distillery to tell us how she reaches out to keep Boulder throats glowing under low temperatures.

Randi CRandi makes sure there's always a thirsty soul to serve in Colorado. As 303Vodka's public relations and events manager, she is exceptional in creating events to attract Boulder aficionados and music bands to share a good time at the bar. Every day since joining the distillery, the inbox has filled quickly with emails anxious for an encore. Each event has brought at least one new client back to 303Vodka, but often more. Randi's favorite and hit productions include Boulder's Best Mixologist, a 303Vodka exclusive.

Producing events is a newfound business for Randi; and it's fascinating, because there are only a handful of people who have found that sublime mix of work, life, and passion. That's definitely the case with Randi, as she's the happiest she's ever been! Her life is cunningly balanced between her mission to bring companies to the next level, being a devoted mother of two kids, and her passion to captivate new audiences every day. "I was looking for a donation for Boulder's Best mixologist and met the 303 people. They donated to the Tesla event I planned for 2140 monthly happy hour," said Randi. From there it seems like everything fell into place for Randi. In an attempt to unfold the secret formula to a fulfilling life, Randi advised Boulder 2140 and young professionals, "You have to experience everything yourself," and above all don't forget to "ask for what you want." It's a solid piece of advice...and a solid opportunity to ask for that sample of 303Whiskey.

As a spectacular year for Randi nears its end, she tells us more about the past. Her rewarding opportunities with 303Vodka and the success of her own company Randi C. Events, came after a small break from ten years in the IT industry. A split-second decision to move to Boulder from the sunshine state was followed by her leadership in multiple positions. Randi performed sales, operations, and management in a small firm whose first office was the second bedroom. The firm developed steadily into a recruitment website with plenty of hard work and few hours of sleep. Excited investors later purchased the firm.

303The purchase of her IT firm presented a chance for Randi to discover a new future. She joined Boulder 2140 soon after her move to Boulder, and from this community arose her drive to start Randi C. Events. In recognition of the influences towards her entrepreneurial success, she said, "The inspiring professionals group is an essential network to learn of different industries, try new things, and meet people of a similar age with great ideas. The best part is that it's fun to get involved!" As we put down our samples of 303's vodka, she gave a shout out to her fellow members of the Boulder 2140 community, "Follow through and follow up. Do the things you say you're going to do."

What does a typical day look like for Randi?
> Randi sends her two kids off to school early morning
> She checks email at home before heading out
> At her office, Randi updates 303Vodka's sites with events information and nurtures client relationships
> She does most of the events planning during after-hours, typically from 8 p.m. to midnight

What's ahead for Randi and 303Vodka?
Randi is committed to elevating the distillery to the next standard. Her riveting events will continue to promote the 303Vodka brand, which has ideas to open up to other states. She went far enough in our conversation to hint at a return of Boulder's Best Mixologist and a possible redo of a LivingSocial deal.

As for her own business, she's started planning major events for the greatest theatres in town, the Boulder Theatre and the Fox. We didn't get any spoilers, but stay tuned. You won't want to miss these.

Interested in networking with young professionals in Boulder? Boulder 2140 is a great way to do this at fun locations each month. The next happy hour is January 25th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Absinthe House and benefits Special Olympics Colorado and the Boulder Polar Plunge. Register now!