Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Use Social Media in Your Job and Internship Search

This week’s blog post is written by Maggie Lowenberg, a senior international studies major at CU-Boulder.

Like most seniors in college, I am reaching a place in my life where the pathway isn’t quite clear. There are confusing and infinite signs directing me to jobs, programs, med school, law school and holy cow—where is a map to help me?

Well, my fellow lost friends, I would like to guide you to CU Career Services.

I found myself wandering into the Career Services office in the C4C after having a panicked senior moment and wondering what my options were after I graduate from CU. It wasn’t until I began meeting with Jodi, a career counselor at Career Services, that I realized job and post-graduate searching could be a limitless task. Jodi showed me that social media websites are designed to make this process more precise and easier.

Now, I am no guru to social media websites such as Twitter, Linkedin, and/or Facebook. But, after meeting with my friend, Mindy, who is a Peer Career Advisor for Career Services, I fear no more. With simple features such as building a bio on Twitter, I can begin posting my professional interests or any related blogs. I’m even able to search for jobs on Twitter by typing in the job type I want in the search bar. Linkedin allows me to upload resumes, message companies to set up informational interviews, connect with groups that relate to my interests and connect with virtually any employer. Plus, it’s a much more professional place for employers to find out information about me rather than search on Facebook. Facebook is a great place to socialize with friends, but not where I want employers to find me.

After my visit with a career counselor, my pathway is becoming much more clear. Sure, I am weary about finding a job, but at least I have the resources to start my job search, find references, and demonstrate I am a qualified candidate. Career Services offers workshops and events throughout the semester and can help guide you on your path to finding a job or internship. I HIGHLY suggest if you are having difficulty — don’t be shy, ask for directions!

Career Services is the main career center on campus serving all majors, undergraduates, Master’s and Post-docs and alumni. To make an appointment, please call 303.492.6541 or visit our office in C4C, N352. It’s never too early to meet with a career counselor. Don’t wait until you’re a senior to come see us. We’d love to meet with you as a freshman and help you towards your goals all throughout your college career.