Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nate Reed's Social Media Internship with Ramblin' Jackson

By Kelsey McWilliams, Marketing Intern at CU-Boulder Career Services

Nate Reed, a senior advertising major, is enjoying an awesome internship in Boulder as he finishes his final year at CU. He works as the social media intern for Ramblin' Jackson, a small multimedia marketing and branding agency in Boulder.

Ramblin' Jackson works with social media, video editing, video promotions, Facebook advertising, and email marketing. The company culture is "very laid back, despite an incredibly busy schedule," Nate said. "A sense of humor is always prevalent here and shows in their work. Also, due to the work being done with smaller companies, you really get to know the clients well," he added.

Nate found out about the internship opportunity with Ramblin' Jackson through Career Services Online (CSO). Our office led Nate to the internship, but he took care of writing his resume, cover letter, and doing interview preparation on his own – great job, Nate! Our career counselors also offer assistance with these services for those of you looking for a little extra help!

At work Nate is responsible for producing and updating blogs, writing copy for Facebook advertisements and email campaigns, and sitting in on client meetings. His opinion as an intern is clearly valued by the company because he is even asked to give feedback and ideas at some meetings! Nate also takes care of other odd jobs related to advertising and social media. “For example, I was responsible for producing content for a live twitter feed during a workshop/presentation one day,” he said.

Nate says that his social media internship is helping him expand his skills in advertising. He is learning how smaller companies like Ramblin' Jackson approach advertising their business through Facebook, email and other media outlets. Nate has also witnessed the dynamics of a client/agency relationship, which is built when devising a campaign or promotion.

While Nate’s internship is unpaid, he recognizes the many benefits that it will bring to him in the future. His takeaways include, “Valuable knowledge of the inner workings of a small setting agency as well as a multitude of skills that will be useful when searching for a career in a similar field.” Nate hopes that he will be able to use the skills and connections he has garnered at Ramblin' Jackson to help pursue a career in the future.

Career Services encourages all CU-Boulder students to embrace the opportunities that unpaid internships offer. I myself had an unpaid internship last summer that taught me more than I had ever learned during my paid positions in the past. So don’t hesitate, check out Career Services Online and find yourself a fantastic internship just like Nate’s!