Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Using Twitter and Facebook to Job Search

This post was written by Brittany Moore a Broadcast News and Business Marketing student at CU

Job searching is no longer about circling classifieds in the paper. Like many other things job searching has become more technologically advanced.  With 89% of companies using social media in 2011 to recruit, job seekers should be referring to social networking sites for their job search initiatives. Two of the largest social networks around today are Twitter and Facebook. Although you might have previously used these sites for only personal reasons, they are also beneficial tools to use in your job search.

There are two ways to use Twitter:
1. Be a follower (reading tweets)
      2. Be a creator (writing tweets)

Both uses of Twitter are beneficial in job searching and building a professional online network. The best ways to find professionals and discussions in your industry is through hashtags.  A hashtag (#) is a grouping of a larger discussion topic on Twitter. Several professional hashtags you can try seeking out are: #jobs, #yourcityjobs, #yourindustry, #resumes, #employment, and #hireme. In addition, there are professional websites associated with Twitter like www.tweetmyjobs.com and www.twitterjobcast.com.  These sites allow you to create a professional profile and then advertise it to professionals on Twitter.

Facebook is one of the most widely known social networks on the web, which means that it can be helpful or harmful as a professional online resource. Due to the extensive amount of people who have personal Facebook profiles, the social network is one of the leading contributors to negative online appearances. Because of this it is really important to make sure that your personal and professional profiles are separated and that the appropriate privacy settings are in place. On the contrary, Facebook can be a very useful tool in terms of job searching and creating a professional online presence. Many professionals choose to have a professional presence on Facebook due to the sheer number of people on the site. To create a professional Facebook page follow these steps.

For more information about using Twitter and Facebook to job search and create a professional online presence visit the following web pages:
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5.                  Linkin’It Up Presentation

Linkin’ It Up: How to Market Yourself Through Social Networking
In light of our ever-changing technological society, CU Career Services’ Peer Career Advisers (PCAs) facilitate an innovative workshop to share resources and opportunities to market yourself through social media. The workshop focuses on the primary social media tools and how to incorporate a professional edge when using these sites. The first half of the workshop will review best practices for Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and personal/professional websites to further your knowledge on the sites and how to use them to attract employers. The second half of the program will focus on LinkedIn with a demonstration and thorough review of the website and its benefits for students. LinkedIn is the primary professional networking site and is extremely useful and easy to use. This workshop called “Linkin’ It Up” is a great way to keep up with new digital media and learn how to adequately market yourself in a professional manner! Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops to follow along for a hands-on learning experience.

Upcoming Presentation Dates:
Tues, March 6, 5:30pm, C4C S350
Thurs, April 5, 5:30pm, C4C S350