Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Set up a Job Agent on Career Buffs

By Dylan Mark, senior sociology major at CU-Boulder

It’s like we always say here at Career Services, “if you’re looking for a job, use the search engine made for CU students: Career Buffs!” - or something along those lines.  Career Buffs is your online resource for internships, jobs, and careers specifically designated for CU students and alumni.  Thousands of businesses use Career Buffs for listing opportunities every year and is an incredible tool for success.

Let’s check out one of the best features of Career Buffs; setting up job agents.
Gone are the days of looking for jobs every day in the boring pages of newspapers. Job agents are customizable job searches that notify you whenever a job of interest is posted on Career Buffs.  Job agents can be defined by many characteristics including job category, experience, position, major, location, industry and much more!

To get one or more job agents set up for your account, log onto Career Buffs.  On the yellow bar toward the top of your screen you’ll see a drop-down labeled “Job Search.” Click it and it’ll take you to the search engine screen.  Here, you can choose to do a basic search or refine your results with an advanced search.  Play with the various options for narrowing your job search until you’ve found a setting that best suits your interests.  Note that many employers choose to include very specific majors in their job listings even when the job is available to anyone so the “Major” subcategory may not be the best field to use.

Once you’ve found a search you like, scroll down to your “Job Results.”

Under this heading you can select “save search” and “email me new jobs for this search” to keep your results. Now go get some jobs!