Thursday, May 2, 2013

How Career Services Has Helped Me

By Katie Nailling, psychology and pre-health student at CU-Boulder

Career Services was recommended to me through my pre-health advisor during an appointment when I addressed my concern of finding work experience to add to my resume. I am a junior, majoring in psychology with emphasis in pre-health, and I am planning on attending a graduate school program for Physician Assistant or Physical Therapy.

My advisor recommended making an appointment with Career Services to discuss my future career options and what I can do now to gain experience in my fields of interest. I met with a Peer Counseling Advisor (PCA), and we searched through job posts and internships. Unfortunately, jobs in the healthcare field are hard to come by without any previous experience or a graduate level degree.

I continued to search through Career Services’ online job and internship database, Career Buffs, and attended a resume workshop, which helped me reconstruct my resume and build a cover letter for a job I wanted to apply to at Boulder Community Hospital.

I found this job posting through the Boulder Community Hospital website and after two interviews, I was offered the position of an Admissions Representative. The advisors at Career Services helped my find this position by encouraging me to continue to look for internships and helping me with my resume and cover letter at the workshop.

Going from a discouraged pre-health undergrad student looking for a medical position, to an intern at a local hospital made me realize that it is possible to succeed in anything if you take the right steps. If you put in the necessary effort and have confidence that you will find what you are looking for, you will succeed.

This experience made me realize that you do not necessarily have to have connections in your desired career in order to get a job. My application process could have worked out for any individual striving for a health care job. With the help of the advisors at Career Services, I am proud of my resume, love my current job position, and am confident about searching for future job opportunities.