Thursday, November 14, 2013

Show Appreciation For Your Coworkers and Boss: Create a Culture of Gratitude in Your Office

Gratitude is the state of being grateful or can also be described as thankfulness. With Thanksgiving around the corner I think we can all use a reminder to express gratitude. I have found that most people, including myself, forget to show appreciation for the people with whom we interact with almost every day....our coworkers. Showing genuine appreciation for those around you can change the entire culture of your organization. 65% of people said that they do not feel appreciated at work according to a recent Gallop Survey( This is alarming because we spend a good amount of our lives working, so to feel negativity that often cannot be good for our well being’s or our company culture. Here are some ways to generate a culture of gratitude and show that you are thankful.

•Find something that your coworker has done well and tell them specifically what you found admirable about their actions.

•Go back to the basics and remember to say please and thank you. Sometimes we lose our polite demeanor in the office and tend to elect things which generates a negative vibe.

•Express genuine interest in your coworker’s or boss’s life. Ask about their family, weekend, hobbies, etc.

•Get to know your coworker’s likes and find out what interests them. Surprise them with a small thoughtful gift every once in awhile. This will make their day.

•Food is a great way to show appreciation as well. Go out to lunch with a coworker or bring a dish work to share. Cookies, bagels, cupcakes...doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

•A lot of times, bosses only hear negative things. Make sure you sincerely thank them. Make sure they know that you’re thankful for your job because it has made a positive impact in your life.

•When someone has made your life easier by doing a good job, let them know you are thankful for their efforts.

•Check out this Co-Worker Appreciation Board on Pinterest.

A simple, sincere “thank you” can go a long way. There’s a fine line between appreciating and going overboard, so make sure that your actions are genuine. Be thankful for your job and the people who make your employment possible. Most importantly, show your gratitude through your actions.

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