Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How Facebook Can Get You Fired

Written by Lauren Lind 

Be careful with not only what you post on Facebook, but also be aware that the content you like and comment on can affect you in the long run. Remember that coworkers and your boss can see what you post and even if you aren’t friends with them directly. Word spreads quickly, especially when it can be documented on the Internet. The First Amendment only applies to government action, not a company's actions. The Constitution protects free speech from government interference. In the private sector, however, courts have made management discretion the rule, which means you can legally be fired for what you post on Facebook. Listed below are some ways that Facebook, or rather the manner you go about using Facebook, can get you fired. (Numbers 1,4,5,7, and 8 are real examples of when people were fired due to posting inappropriate content).

1. Going on a foul rant about your boss or colleagues.

2. Complaining about own working conditions.

3. Criticizing the company on an elected official's Facebook page.

4. Liking Facebook Pages that conflict with your company’s values or beliefs.

5. Posting photos, references to or evidence of shenanigans in work hours or within the workplace. 

6. Checking-in during work time (or when you’ve called in sick). If you’re meant to be in the office, it’s probably smartest not to check into somewhere else.

7. Liking or posting prejudice content.

8. Trying to be funny, when it relates to your work, your customers or your colleagues. (on Facebook). Sometimes the sarcasm is not always translated.

9. Spending all your work time on Facebook.

Save the negative venting for your best friend or journal. It’s best not to post about work on your personal Facebook account unless you have good things to say or really don’t want to keep your job. Happy posting!

Hat tip: Cara Pring with the Social Skinny and Donna Ballman with Aol Jobs.