Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Do Employers Tell Me to Apply Online?

Written By Lauren Lind

Have you ever felt like you’ve made a great connection with an employer and then they tell you to apply online, as opposed to asking you for your resume or an interview right then and there? Don’t take it personally. There are laws that dictate who an employer has to consider as a candidate for an open job. Because of these laws many employers have moved to only accepting applications through email or online. Don’t take it as a brush-off. They really do want you to apply online so be sure to do so! Make a face-to-face connection with an employer at the fair and then apply within 24-48 hours for the best results.

In addition to these laws, our world today revolves around online interaction. The ability to copy and paste your resume or reword your cover letter to fit accordingly with each job you apply for is a wonderful thing. Employers can easily share your application and list them under their favorites.

Online means conserving paper and helps everyone to keep organized. It also saves employers time by being able to weed out qualified candidates without having each applicant come into the office. This also saves you gas money and time. Another main benefit for employers asking you to apply online is the ability to better screen prospective candidates. They can easily search your online presence and decide if you are qualified for the position. Online is efficient, inexpensive, and less time consuming than filling out a physical application. 

Here are some tips for applying to jobs online:

• Thoroughly read through job descriptions and make sure your content and experience match up accordingly.
• Tailor your cover letter and highlight your personality, qualifications, and desire for the job. Don’t send a generic cover letter to every job. You won’t see great results from this tactic.
• Use key words from the job description and use them in your resume.
• Proofread your responses so that they are error free.
• Fill out all fields of the application because you are giving more information that could make you stand out from other applicants.
• Clean up your social media profiles and update your professional social profiles. List your internship and job experiences and have as complete a profile as possible to increase your search rankings.
• Review all of the information you’ve written and read through the fine print before submitting your application. Don’t just click on the ‘I Agree’ portion unless you actually agree with it!

Online is the way of our generation and will continue to be even more prevalent in the future. Remember to pay attention to detail when filling out online job applications. You want to make yourself stand out from the competition in a positive manner. Best of luck with your online application process!

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