Monday, January 13, 2014

Why 2014 Is Your Year

Written By Lauren Lind

Every new year is usually accompanied by new resolutions and goals to make the year better than the last. We all tend to start out really strong then lose sight of what our original intentions were. Well, this year is different. And I mean it. This year is YOUR year. A good friend of mine once told me that it’s not about how many years you live it’s about making the most out of each year. So here are some reasons why 2014 is going to be your year:

You’re an entire year smarter. Look back over the past year, and as obvious as this might sound, you have learned a ton of new things in the past year. Take what you have learned to continue to make yourself better. Consciously avoid slipping back into poor patterns.

• This year is an opportunity for growth of innovation. This is the year that the last baby boomers will turn 50. This leaves room for the spread of innovation by a new generation.

• There’s never been a better time to be creative. Digital media will become even more applicable and desirable for people to show off their art, fashion, or interesting quirks.

• Intellect will continue to spread. Twitter and other social media platforms not only allow people to ramble about themselves, but also allow for public thinking. We write about 400 million tweets a day, and that’s projected to grow by about one third in 2014. We share ideas and questions with an audience, which forces us to be clever and work harder to be smart. We seek answers from like-minded people and are sometimes approached by those who challenge our thinking, which in turn make us think in different ways.

• Gratitude is trending across the globe. With a new year comes a desire for optimism and fresh beginnings. Join the movement.

• There’s no better time than the present. I know that saying is cliché but the truth is, you don’t need it to be New Years in order to start acting on resolutions. Every day poses as an opportunity to better yourself. Quit with the excuses and decide that everyday is YOUR day and then 2014 will be YOUR year.

There will be days when we feel that we might have fallen off the bandwagon, but that does not define who we are. With many reasons to be thankful for 2014, take advantage of each day and make this year awesome. 2014 will officially be your year when you have declared it so.

Hat Tip: Readers Digest