Wednesday, March 12, 2014

They’re Just Not That Into You, but Why?

Written by Lauren Lind

You think you aced the interview but you still haven’t heard back. You got good vibes from the recruiters and the conversation flowed perfectly, so what’s the deal?

Here are a few reasons why the employer may just not be that into you:

• When the recruiter asked if you had any questions you said “no.”

• Your social media profile has inappropriate posts.

• You forgot to send a thank you email or card.

   You only sent a thank you email, but neglected to send a handwritten card as well. Some employers will only talk to interviewees who handwrite their thank you cards.

• You called the recruiter to personally thank them and tell them every detail about why you loved interviewing with them.

• Your thank you card was overly detailed and slightly creepy.

• You sent a thank you card but never followed up again one to two weeks after the

• Many interviewers are trained to be “players.” They want to make every candidate feel wanted. Don’t become too comfortable during your interview. Make sure you are answering questions professionally with support to back up your claims.

And last but not least…
• You simply were not the best candidate for the position.

Feeling neglected after an interview hurts the ego, but don’t let it hurt your chances to learn from each interviewing experience. After each interview, even if it’s an informational interview, be sure to thank the employer genuinely, but don’t go over the top, and follow up appropriately.

There are many reasons why the employer has decided to pick a different candidate so don’t be too hard on yourself. The right employment match is out there for you; stay positive and remain persistent in your job search. With any relationship (personal or professional) always remain calm, collected, and respectful in the face of rejection. Crazy isn’t a good look on anyone. Don’t speak ill of any organization and definitely do not dis the company that decided to hire a different candidate on the internet. Word spreads like wildfire, especially in our technology saturated society.

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