Monday, October 17, 2011

A Day in the Life of Co-Founder of Tweety Got Back, Rachel Ryle

Rachel Ryle Rachel Ryle, a CU alum, has found her calling…giving your Twitter page a free, custom designed background. As the co-founder and lead designer at Tweety Got Back, and in charge of digital and virtual goods at Threadless, Rachel has embarked on a new adventure that has made waves in the social media community.

Tweety Got Back, created initially as a hobby, grew into a business with countless paid partnerships and valuable and unique advertising aimed toward specific companies. Over the last year and a half, Tweety Got Back has gained an amazing 32,000 Twitter followers.

Tweety Got BackOn top of creating eye-catching designs for Tweety Got Back, Rachel is also in charge of business development for the site. With the ever-evolving world of social media taking company’s websites to a new level, Rachel decided to reach for the stars with her goals, literally. 

Most recently, Tweety Got Back has worked with NASA to create out-of-this-world space themes for users. She’s constantly jumping fences and finding unique connections by helping bring value to new contacts. Through networking, Tweety Got Back connected and began a partnership with Threadless, offering Threadless artistic themes on the site.

Threadless, a Chicago-based company prints t-shirt designs created and chosen by its community of local artists. The digital and virtual worlds of gaming are growing rapidly, so the partnership has been mutually beneficial. At Threadless, Rachel helps develop business in gaming, always asking herself, “How can Threadless grow into the virtual world?”

Rachel helps Threadless better understand the gaming market in order to help raise market awareness. Threadless has developed deep connections and interactions with fans and consumers. “Threadless is a very unique community where they include their costumers. A ‘Threadless spotting’ is whenever we recognize a Threadless design on the street. We approach that person as a part of the community and give them a gift card. We simply consider it an investment,” said Rachel.

What’s in the future for you?

With Threadless’ business growing rapidly, Rachel is focused on developing new business relationships for Tweety Got Back. “I want to take Tweety Got Back to the next level by engaging with new consumers and finding interesting pockets of people,” she says. Tweety Got Back has paired with a cutting edge design firm in NY, Fueled. The strategic partnership will deliver brands to consumers in an artistic way.

What does a typical day look like you for?
- Wake up early and get going with new ideas. Rachel is always eager and excited for creation days.
- A visit to the coffee shop allows for a creative burst and allows Rachel time to create themes and engage with the community.
      - While creating, Rachel seeks users opinions and views.
      - When the workday is done, a bike ride around Boulder helps get the creative juices flowing.
      - After her bike ride, usually the ideas are flowing. Rachel works on blog posts and theme creations. “If I’m in the zone often these turn into power days that don’t end until 3 am.”