Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The secret to networking

Become career keen at the Annual Networking Night this Wednesday!

While unemployment rates in today’s job market have hovered around 9% for several years, the prospect of finding a job is promising for students who do their homework and start early. Yes, I’m talking about class projects and papers; but also, networking. Many people say the interview itself can make or break a job opportunity. However, I argue that employers begin to interview you much sooner than the formal interview process.

The job market is crowded with individuals looking for work, but rest assured, there are opportunities out there. Often there are many opportunities that go unapplied for on CSO (Career Services Online). So what’s the secret to finding a job? The secret is: companies are looking to meet their future employees early on in their college careers through career fairs, networking and internships. Intentionally reaching out to employers and people in positions to hire well before graduation has greatly aided CU students. This shows that networking works!

Fortunately for CU students, Career Services is hosting their Annual Networking Night this Wednesday, October 26, at 5:30-7:00 p.m. in the Abrams Lounge (C4C). With over 40 industry professionals in attendance, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet employers from various industries and occupations. Along with learning about what types of opportunities await you after college, you may have the chance to spark a relationship that lands you a job. Sponsored by Pandora Radio and LivingSocial, this event has been a favorite among student job seekers for years. Free appetizers and beverages will be served. This event is open exclusively to CU-Boulder students and alumni. Pre-registration is highly recommended, but walk-ins are welcome! Register here.

Before attending the Annual Networking Night, here are some words of wisdom from Cori Shaff—Career Counselor and Student Outreach Coordinator:
- Try finding something in common with the potential employer when starting your conversation.
- Be sure to give a great first impression (attire, smile, handshake, and introduction).
- Research the companies in attendance to have something to talk about with them (this information can be found when registering for the event on CSO).
- After your conversation, ask for their business card so that you can contact them afterward.
- Be interested, interesting, and genuine!
- Engage other students in conversations. You never know how your connections can work for you in the future!