Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Breaking out of the Boulder Bubble: Why it is important to keep up with current events

Written By: Lauren Lind 

Over this past break I realized that I am far removed from current world events, living in the Boulder bubble. When my family would bring up certain issues, I had to pull out my cell phone and look up what it was that they were discussing. This made me feel out of the loop and I think it is important for myself and other college students to stay up to date with what is going on in the world. I know that many students do stay current which is awesome and here are 7 good reasons according to Kelly Marcus, blogger from allwomenstalk.com, as to why it is important to keep up with current events:

1.  It is easy. Social media and the Internet make the excuse that it’s too hard to stay up-to-date with the news, completely invalid. Follow newspapers and outlets on Twitter and subscribe to news outlets on Facebook.

2.  It makes the world smaller. The news allows us to get a glimpse into the lives of people in different places and realize they are not so different from us. It is such a wonderful thing that we can be allowed updates by the minute of things happening across the globe.

3.  It is eye opening. Some people like to live in their own little bubble and worry about themselves. Keeping up with current events pops that bubble. Not everything is as perfect as we think it is in America. Hearing about the stories is such an eye opening experience. It really makes you appreciate all that you have.

4.  It makes you cultured. News stories teach you what is acceptable in some cultures and what is not. They also teach you how different daily life in other cultures can be.

5.  It is a good conversation starter. You can end awkward silences by bringing up interesting news stories that you have read about and you can impress others with your knowledge of current events.

6.  It is relevant. You may think that a story about the Chinese economy is completely irrelevant to you, but in the current world where everything is connected, it has a lot to do with you. Something in one country can impact something completely different in another country. Keeping up with current events will help you see the connections across the entire globe.

7.  You will learn a lot. Learning something new is one of the best reasons to keep up with current events. The news is there to teach and inform you. Take advantage of that source of information. I’m sure you will learn something new and interesting with every different story you read.

If you weren’t convinced already with why it is important to stay up to date with current issues, I hope that Kelly’s reasons will have some sway and make you want to be a well-informed member of society.

Hat tip: Kelly Marcus