Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Holiday Mingle & Jingle Helpful Hints

Presented by Maxim Healthcare Services

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the holiday season! With a much needed break for relaxation from studying, one thing you should not put the brakes on is NETWORKING! Your holiday break is the best time for you to get your name out there with your personal brand! Tis’ the season for giving, so Maxim Healthcare Services would love to spread the holiday cheer by offering these “12 Holiday Mingle & Jingle Helpful Tips:”

1st tip – Get to know your university’s career center and their resources! The career center is there to help you start the ball rolling with networking and job seeking opportunities! Chances are there will be holiday events the center will know about.

2nd tip – Seek out networking/mingling opportunities:
• Holiday family functions
• Social gatherings with friends
• Sporting events
• Volunteer
• Seasonal employment

3rd tip – Practice making conversation easy:
• Talk to family members you do not see all the time (e.g. aunt/uncle) and get their feedback about how the conversation went and did it flow well
• Talk to servers/hosts at restaurants
• While checking out at a store talk with the cashier
• Go inside your bank so that you have to speak with a banker face to face
• While shopping for gifts over the holidays talk to the floor sales reps

4th tip – Ease yourself into conversation by introducing yourself and elaborating on your rhethorical question to show your interest.
• “Hi, how are you? ~ or ~ Hi, how’s it going?
• “My name is Jeff. Are you enjoying the event and what brings you here?”

5th tip – When conversing ask questions the right way so that you exchange information.
• Limit the number of close-ended questions. If you are hearing too many “yes” or “no” responses then rephrase.
• Ask open-ended questions where one can elaborate – “Please tell me about ________?” “Will you explain to me a little more about ______?“
• If you get stuck with what to ask then mirror the question the person just asked you after you have answered their question.

6th tip – Have a couple fall back questions:
• How long have you been with the company?
• Where did you get your degree and what is it?
• What are your likes and dislikes about the company?
• Could you see yourself staying with the company for a while or even retiring from

7th tip - Have a 60 second infomercial about yourself:
• Know your resume
• Know your goals
• Be flexible when talking to an employer so that you are keeping your options

8th tip - Dress to impress and always err on the side of being overdressed! If you arrive and feel overdressed you can always:
• Take a tie/scarf off
• Take your suit coat/jacket off
• Unbutton the top button on your shirt
• Be sure to iron your clean clothes, fix your hair, shave or trim facial hair, shine
your shoes – practice good personal hygiene

9th tip - Have something to talk about:
• Stay informed of current events/issues
• If an employer will be at the event research their company and find interesting
• Talk about a project you’re currently working on and what the inspiration is

10th tip – Avoid off color humor. You could easily offend someone without knowing you have done it! Also avoid hot button topics like politics or religion.

11th tip - If you attend a networking event where employers will be, they want you to approach them. Don’t hesitate – Be confident – Smile – Give a reassuring handshake – Know yourself – Have a clear voice – Be persistent - Be professional – Enjoy the experience!

12th tip -Approach networking like your job search and make it your full time job over the holiday! It will keep you on track and forward focused!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!