Wednesday, June 25, 2014

4 Great Ways to Bond with Your Co-Workers

Written by Lauren Lind
You spend the majority of your day at work, which means that you spend a lot of your time with your co-workers. Why not build better relationships with the people we are around almost more than our own families? According to the New York Times that those who are happier at work, work harder and are more productive. Maintaining a positive relationship with the people you may already like or might have some issues with will help your organization and overall well being.

Here are a few ways to bond with your co-workers:
1)  Lunch is a good starting point. Ask a co-worker or your team if they would be interested in either going to lunch one day or sitting outside one day for a picnic. This might sound strange, but breaking bread together and bonding over food can help you get to know one another.

2)  If you have a desk job, you know that remaining stationary can become an unfortunate part of the job. Your co-workers can relate to you, so ask if they want to be workout buddies and hit the gym or the nearby trails during lunch or after work. This can help you establish a bond while being more productive at work. Exercise can help you to be more alert.
3) Ask your co-worker(s) if they would be interested in taking a class together. Some fun ways to get to know each other would be taking an art class or a language class. These are just some examples of what you could do, but once you find out what some common interests are between you and your co-workers, you can relate on a different level outside the office.

4) Invite your families to get together for dinner or a barbeque. This can help maintain your home relationships and your office relationships by allowing them to get to know whom you spend most of your time with. Who knows, your significant others just may hit it off!

Every office and job is different. If these tips apply to you then I hope you can use them to strengthen relationships with your co-workers and maybe even make some new friends. You might even help your organization overall by building these relationships!