Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer office wear: Stay cool while still looking professional

Written by Lauren Lind

Summer has finally arrived and the heat has arrived right along with it. It is hot, sometimes muggy, and your suits can get awfully sweaty. Unfortunately, if your office is business professional attire all the time, then you will need to tough it out and wear a suit. If your office is business casual, you have a little more leeway with your wardrobe. Either way, we have compiled some tips for men and women to stay cool and fashionable this summer.

  Wear light colors. Black absorbs heat. Consider wearing lighter colored suits.
  Wear light fabrics. Cotton and seersucker are great options that tend to breathe. Stay away from polyester and rayon; they trap heat.
  Wear minimally lined jackets. Without an extra layer of fabric, jackets are more pleasant to wear in the office.
  Sockless shoes. Consider wearing boat shoes, moccasins, and Italian loafers to keep your feet cool. Be sure to still dress the part if you’re in a very conservative environment. Boat shoes may not always be the right option.
  Have a spare set of clothes. Keeping an extra outfit at the office or in your car can take some pressure off if you sweat through your current outfit and have a big meeting to attend.

• Wear light colors and light fabrics. Try to deflect as much heat as possible by keeping it light.
• Sandals and open-toed shoes can keep your feet cool and still be a professional option. Luckily, as women, we have more of an option with footwear to keep our feet cool. Just make sure you’re not wearing flip-flops, unless your office is super casual. This could send the wrong vibe and make you look less than professional.
  Dress in layers. You can wear a camisole and a light sweater over it to remain office appropriate.
  Skirts are another great way for women to stay cool and professional. No short skirts of course. They should measure to the ends of your fingertips when your arms hang down to the sides of your legs.
  Capris are a balance between pants and shorts. You will be able to keep cooler without wearing shorts, which often times are considered inappropriate for the office.
  Faux pearls that can be frozen are the ‘coolest’ new trend. These “pearl” bracelets and necklaces are filled with a non-toxic icy gel that can be frozen to keep you cool. Click here to find out more.

Remaining professional and cool during the summer can be a challenge. Hopefully these tips will help you prevent heat strokes and embarrassing sweaty situations. Also consider investing in a personal fan, and make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of cool liquids.