Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ways to Network as a Recent College Grad


Written by Lauren Lind

You have finally completed four hard years of college and you are prepared to venture into the real working world now! But, how do you land a job straight out of college? We’ve probably all heard the saying, “It’s about who you know, not necessarily what you know,” when it comes to getting a job. The network that you have come to know - your college friends, professors, clubs you’ve been involved with, etc. is now shifting and changing. It is time to step outside of your comfort zone and start networking other places in order to expand your possible job opportunities. Building a new network is part of this new phase of your life. 

Here are some ways to network as a new grad:

  Use your alumni network. Check out Forever Buffs to find out about events, young alums nationwide, career resources, and how to stay connected.

   LinkedIn is another great tool to research where your fellow buffs are. Connect with all former classmates that you personally know and then respectfully reach out to alumni that you would like to ask questions of.

  Ask professors if they would be willing to connect you with former students of theirs whose career paths are interesting to you and ask to do an informational interview with them.

• Make a remarkable business card. It will make you appear more personable in networking situations. I personally used Staples to design my business cards this past semester and passed them out at various networking events.

• Search out any young professional groups in your area. These groups will help you meet other young people who are looking to make professional connections as well. If you are staying in Boulder be sure to check out Bolder Young Professionals!

  Volunteer with a non-profit. As we mentioned in our previous blogs, volunteering is another opportunity to network. You will be hanging out with like-minded people who support a similar cause.

These are just a few ways for you to start building your new network after graduating. Try to meet as many people as possible and see if and how you can help one another. The more people you meet and connect with, the more likely you are to land a job.

Hat tip: Dan Schawbel