Wednesday, February 5, 2014

8 Ways To Annoy Your Co-Workers

By Lauren Lind 

We all have our pet-peeves about certain co-workers in the office. Don’t be THAT co-worker that is at the center of office gossip. 

Here are 8 ways to annoy your co-workers: 

1. Leaving the Microwave a Mess. If you splatter sauce everywhere clean it up. Cover your food before heating. It’s really that simple.  
2. Never Calling in Sick. There’s a difference between playing hooky due to a slightly runny nose and hacking up a lung. Don’t spread your flu around the office. Ew. 
3. Have an Annoying Catchphrase. YOLO. Totes ma goats. Amazeballz. No one wants to hear these things all day long. It’s annoying. End of story. 
4. Reply All to Every Email. Replying to all can get you into some trouble. I once had a co-worker reply all to an email about a client that they were not fond of, and ended up including the client in the reply all. Also, our email inboxes already get overwhelmingly full, so show some courtesy and only reply to those who are concerned. 
5. Stealing the Spotlight. Throwing a co-worker under the bus is always a no no. No one likes the person who is attention hungry. Be humble and let your work do the talking for you. 
6.  Blasting Your Music for Everyone to Hear. It may be hard to believe, but not everyone enjoys listening to Kesha or Drake. Whatever it is that makes you work to a beat may drive your co-workers crazy. 
7. Using Your Family Connections to Get Ahead. Work hard and earn your place. Make connections and use your resources, but also promote a culture of fairness. It will help you steer clear of office drama. 
8. Complaining...about Everything. We all feel swamped, but constantly telling others about how hard your life is will only lead to them hating you. So be a good sport and keep the negative comments to yourself. 
I’m sure there are plenty more things that can be done to annoy the people you work with. Opt out of being the person that drives everyone else up a wall. Make the office more enjoyable and be a better co-worker. 
Hat tip: Sean Evans with