Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Check Before You Push Send

Written by Lauren Lind

Have you ever sent an email or text to the wrong person? That “Oh s*&%!!!” feeling runs through your body as you tragically try to stop the message from sending. Last week my friend emailed a picture of her hilarious Halloween costume to a business professional with the same name first name of her friend Jason. Her Halloween costume was not as funny to 60-year old manager Jason, as it would have been to her friend Jason. It is important to check before you push send because the recipient may not be so forgiving. Luckily, the manager was understanding and my friend’s mistake did not cause her any trouble.

This man also was lucky when he accidentally texted his boss:

“I was really exhausted and bored at work one rainy day so I texted my girlfriend at the time: “I just want hot chocolate and snuggles.” A few weeks later I needed to text my boss about a meeting when I noticed the last text I sent him said: “ I just want hot chocolate and snuggles.” I went in and copped up to it, but he played dumb and pretended like it never happened.” (

It seems like a simple no-brainer that you would make sure you are sending your message to the right recipient; however, this is a mistake we all make at one point or another. A good way to decrease your chances of sending messages that could ruin your reputation or career is to not use your work email to send personal messages to people.

Remember that sending the message to the wrong person can happen in a number of ways. One includes posts that were meant to be seen only by certain people. Don’t talk smack about your job, your co-workers or your boss on the web. It will come back to haunt you. Check out these Facebook posts that resulted in the posters’ termination from their jobs.

Avoid awkward situations by being meticulous and check yourself before you wreck’ll be glad you did.

Contributors: Huffington Post