Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frightening Office Wear

Written by Lauren Lind

In the spirit of Halloween, I have gathered some office wear that is just down right frightening and should not be worn in the office.

Ugly Patterned Suits

You may be trying to make a statement, but you’ll end up just looking like a clown. Keep the suits classy and less distracting.


Need I say more? Please do not wear these rubber shoes to work. Ever. Unless you are a nurse, of course, then these are right up your alley.


Save the Daisy Dukes for the beach. Too short of shorts are never appropriate in the business world.

Shirts That Show Too Much Cleavage 

Cleavage, like short shorts, is inappropriate for the office.  It may have worked out for Julia Roberts, but unfortunately it won’t work out for you.

Workout Gear

Sweating is for the gym, not the office. Maintain a professional demeanor and never get caught wearing this at your job, unless of course you work in a gym.

Crazy Heels 

These are scary. Keep the heels functional and needless to say, stay away from studs and spikes. Don’t wear heels to the office that you would wear to the club.

And this...

Yeah, don’t ever look like this going to your job. Or ever, because this is just creepy. :)

Happy Halloween! Stay safe out there!