Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Technology in the Workplace: Apps to help you

Written By: Lauren Lind 

Having a computer at work along with a smartphone, can be a blessing and a curse. There are times when checking your Instagram, Twittter, or Facebook is a lot more appealing than finishing up work tasks. However, what if you used apps to help you instead of hinder your productivity at work?

Here are the top five apps that I found to be most useful for work purposes:

1. Evernote allows you to create text, photo, and audio notes as well as
clip web pages including text, links, and images. It also gives you the ability to  synchronize your notes across your devices and search for text within snapshots and images. Their motto is “Our products help you remember everything, communicate effectively and get things done.”
2. Wunderlist “is the easiest way to manage and share your to-do lists. Whether you’re planning an overseas adventure, sharing a shopping list with a loved one or running your very own business, Wunderlist is here to help you achieve great things.” The functions of this app include a simple interface to help you track your plans, collaborate with friends and collegaues on group projects, and access your information from multiple devices.
3. Zoho Docs gives you the ability to work on office documents using your phone.  The mobile app allows you to view your private documents as well as shared documents, including recent documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures and more!
4. Time Doctor can boost employee efficiency is Time Doctor. “This simple desktop app monitors all on-screen activities and logs how much time is spent on any given task. The program surveys everything from the background and periodically shoots out messages to remind employees to stick to their tasks. As a result, the app keeps employees focused on work rather than on distracting activities like watching YouTube videos or browsing through Facebook”. – Ian Aronovich, Co-founder and CEO, GovernmentAuctions.org
5. iDoneThis serves as a daily digest with what everyone on the team got done for the day. You just reply to an evening email and the app does the rest of the work for you. Their slogan is, “ The freedom to just get it done.”

These apps cannot only be helpful in the workplace but I believe can also aide in group projects. These apps can also help organize one’s personal life and work life onto a template. As we can see, there are a wide variety of apps out there that can be more than social media or game-related. Technology can be a fantastic tool in the workplace to increase organization and efficiency.

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